Monday, October 12, 2009

GTWO Releases News Today

Gen2Media (GTWO.OB) Creates Richer Concert-Going Experience, Visuals for Digital Generation
As Audiences Grow to Expect More Visually Spectacular Performances From Bands, Singers, and Even Symphony Concerts, Gen2Media Delivers

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - 10/12/09) - Whether it's a band that plays face-shredding metal, or a concert call with an 80-piece orchestra, an increasing number of live shows are taking advantage of innovations in display technologies -- like Gen2Media's (OTC.BB:GTWO - News) Gen2Media Green HD -- to increase the visual impact of their performances and make sure that even fans in the nosebleeds still see a great show. This increasing use of live video supplemented with 2D and 3D motion graphics that are interspersed with the show's footage gives top acts the ability to provide the same visual pop to their performances as a summer blockbuster action film, all synchronized to the music.
"Gen2Media has been providing video services for live shows for years," said Ian McDaniel. "In that time, we've seen that what gets broadcast on the giant LED display screens change from just cuts of the live video of the performance to a full video presentation with motion graphics and rendered effects. Obviously, the technology has needed to change to keep up with this, and Gen2Media has been at the forefront of that. Ticket prices have risen every year for years, with some top-tier acts charging $300 or more for tickets, so shows need to provide fans with a better show to add value to the experience. Ask anyone who provides video services for live acts and they'll tell you: concert-goers are expecting a more visual experience. Everywhere they look, from TV to movies, there are rich, layered special effects of a quality that would be unimaginable a decade ago. They want that same quality in their live shows, and the industry is changing to keep up."
Gen2Media's proprietary technologies, such as Gen2Media Green HD and Gen2Media Producer, are rapidly emerging as industry gold-standard products for producing live shows, whether in a concert environment or online, that are easily controlled by the content producer.
About Gen2Media Corporation
Gen2Media is a fully integrated technology, production and marketing company whose proprietary and patent-pending technology has earned the trust of a growing, globally diversified customer base, comprised of leading media companies, corporations, chart-topping artists, entertainment companies, advertising agencies and national brands such as Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Microsoft Xbox LIVE, Coca-Cola Company, Toyota, Clear Channel, and others.
Gen2Media's video publishing technology enables businesses of all kinds and sizes to easily publish online video, and manage media content and advertising delivery. For more information, please visit
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